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Rechargeable Repairs

If your property is damaged (including accidentally), the repair is your responsibility.

If you carry out the repair yourself or pay a tradesperson of your own choice, an inspection by The Community Housing Group will take place to ensure the repair is safe and of a suitable standard.

Alternatively, the Community Housing Group can carry out the work for you. We can give you a quote for the repair and payment is required before work starts.

Below is a list of our most common rechargeable repairs and an estimated price guide.

Please note – this list is not conclusive/definitive and we reserve the right to recharge any additional damages should the tenant be deemed accountable.

Emergency repairs that have safety implications or require immediate repair to prevent further damage may be completed before payment is made.

In these circumstances, if you are unable to pay in advance, the work will be completed but you will be required to make a payment plan, preferably by direct debit.