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Shared House Success Story

The Community Housing Group currently manages four properties across the district which are operated as a form of shared housing. The properties are seen as a stepping stone for those unfortunate enough not to have somewhere they can call home.

Prospective residents will have been involved with a variety of other professional organisations who will have established their level of need, support and suitability for this type of accommodation.

Successful individuals are referred to our ASB Officer within the Tenancy Management Team, who will work closely with them whilst they are residents with us.  Additional support is also provided by St Basil’s and Worcester Housing & Benefits Advise Centre (WHABAC) staff who will offer help with learning the skills necessary to move forward into independent living.

The dedication of Officers and Support Agencies does pay off, we recently worked with a gentleman who unfortunately was lacking direction and the skills and knowledge necessary to live independently.  However, through support provided by WHABAC, the gentleman was able to develop the skills necessary for him to conduct and sustain his own tenancy, including money management, budgeting and cooking.

We are glad to report that this gentleman has been offered a tenancy for his own property and to date has successfully sustained his tenancy.