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Tenancy Management Team ‘Communal Area Safety Inspections’

If you live in a block of flats, please note that this quarter’s round of communal area safety inspections commenced on the 11 February 2019. This means that your Neighbourhood Warden will be carrying out on the spot checks to ensure that all communal areas are free from personal belongings, rubbish or anything else that may cause a hazard in the event of a fire.

If any items are found within the communal areas, you will receive a notice from your Neighbourhood Warden asking you to remove or dispose of the items within the next seven days. If the items are not removed after this period, we will remove them and recharge you for any costs we incur.

You can access a short information film on our website using the link below or following our YouTube channel at the bottom of this page. This explains why these inspections are essential for the health and safety of all our customers living within a block of flats.