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Looking after your home

The responsibility for looking after your home is a joint one. We are responsible for most of the repairs but you are responsible for advising us that you require repairs to be carried out. You are also responsible for making sure that the decoration inside your home is maintained to a good standard.

What repairs am I responsible for?

You must take reasonable care of your home and report any repairs or faults to us straight away. If you have applied to buy your home, we will only carry out basic repairs the law asks us to do. Once you have bought your home, you are responsible for all repairs. You are also responsible for any changes you make or agree to take on as part of a Mutual Exchange.

Planned maintenance

We aim to visit homes in your area every six years to carry out planned maintenance. The sort of work this covers includes the following:

  • Outside painting
  • Repairs to outside woodwork
  • Repairs to gutters and pipework
  • Appropriate maintenance of surrounding property and land

Can I carry out improvements to my home?

Yes, every tenant has the right to improve their home, however, you need to apply for permission from your Neighbourhood Officer before starting any work and you must carry out the work to the guidelines we give you. You may also need to gain building and planning permission from Wyre Forest District Council. We will only refuse permission if the work could cause us expense or difficulty letting the home in the future.

***Please note if you have a Starter Tenancy Agreement you will not be granted permission to undertake any improvements to your home until such time your tenancy is converted to an assured tenancy.***

Once you have completed any work, if it is found that it does not reach the necessary safety standard or if you caused damage to our property, we will recharge you for any work we have to carry out to bring the area back to a safe and lettable standard.

Here are a few examples of the types of improvements you will need permission for:

  • Decorating the outside of your home
  • Putting in extra electric sockets
  • Installing more room heaters
  • Building a shed, greenhouse or pigeon loft
  • Fitting a new bathroom suite
  • Fitting new kitchen units or replacing existing ones
  • Installing or changing central heating
  • Building a garage or hardstanding for a car
  • Building a fireplace
  • Changing windows
  • Installing a conservatory/ orangery
  • Erecting an extension
  • Putting up a satellite dish

Installing new gas or electrical appliances

You must make sure that these appliances are always installed by a qualified installation engineer and provide us with a copy of the installation certificate on completion. This is to ensure your personal safety and the safety of your neighbours.

Please note that we do NOT grant permission for log burner or solid fuel appliances to be installed within our properties.