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What your tenancy agreement means for you

We have two types of tenancy:-

Starter Tenancy (also known as an Assured Shorthold Tenancy)
We offer all new tenants a Starter Tenancy. These usually last 12 months and are used like a probationary period. Managing a new home can be difficult, especially if it is a first tenancy, therefore our aim is to ensure that all our customers are aware of and can use our services regardless of age, race, gender, disability, religion or sexuality.

You will be visited by a member of the Neighbourhood Team at least four times during the 12 month period, our aim during these visits is to:

  • Help our tenants understand their tenancy agreement and how to keep to it.
  • Help our tenants manage their money and pay their rent.
  • Advise our tenants on how to look after their property, report repairs etc.
  • Help our tenants resolve any anti-social behaviour issues.
  • Assess whether extra support/additional services may be required from Oakleaf, Worcestershire Telecare, Care 24 or other service providers.
  • Undertake a full property inspection.

At the end of the 12 month Starter Tenancy, as long as you have conducted your tenancy satisfactorily, we will happily convert your tenancy to an Assured Tenancy.

Your Neighbourhood Officer may decide to extend your Starter Tenancy where there have been tenancy issues during the first 12 months. These can include rent arrears, anti-social behaviour complaints against you or concerns regarding the condition of your property.

If during this extended starter tenancy period, your Neighbourhood Officer feels that you are unable to sustain a tenancy with us, they will serve you with two months’ notice to leave your property. This will in effect end your tenancy and you will have to move out.

Assured Tenancy
After a satisfactorily Starter Tenancy has been completed, tenants will be offered an Assured Tenancy.

You will be visited by a member of the Neighbourhood Team at least once every year to enable them to conduct an inspection of your property and discuss how you are sustaining your tenancy.

You are entitled to stay in your home for as long as you want provided you adhere to the conditions of your tenancy.

Your tenancy can only be ended by a court order of if you surrender your tenancy by giving one months’ notice in writing.

Rights and responsibilities
No matter which type of tenancy agreement you may hold with us, it’s worth remembering that you have a tenancy agreement for a reason. It outlines your rights as a tenant and makes clear what your responsibilities are. It also confirms what our responsibilities are towards you as your landlord.

Below are a few examples that you will find in your tenancy agreement:-

Your responsibility Our responsibility
You will pay your rent and other charges as stated in your tenancy agreement We will advise with at least four weeks’ notice if your rent is about to increase or decrease.
You will advise us of any repairs that are required to be completed within your property whether they have been caused by general “wear and tear” or by damage/neglect. We will complete your repairs in a timely manner as per our Service Standards. We will also ensure we keep all installations in working order such as water, gas, electricity and sanitation facilities.
You will keep the inside of your home in good and clean condition and decorate the inside as often as necessary to keep it in a reasonable decorative order.

We will decorate the exterior of your property once every 5 years.

We may issue you with a decoration allowance to assist with the interior decoration of your property at the beginning of your tenancy (at our discretion).

You will not make improvements to your home without granting permission from us first. This can include erecting fencing/ satellite dish, installing your own gas/ electrical appliances or making a vehicular access from the highway into your home. We will not unreasonably withhold consent on application for you to improve your property. However, in some cases we would expect you to provide us with installation certificates to demonstrate that the work has been completed by a qualified person.
You will be responsible for your own behaviour and that of your visitors and pets while in your home and within the locality or on the estate. We will investigate all complaints made by you in respect of your neighbours, their pets or visitors where you feel that their behaviour is affecting your peaceful enjoyment of your home.

Should you have any queries regarding your tenancy or would like to find out more, please contact your Neighbourhood Team based at Community House.