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What's causing my mould?

Condensation and mould can be caused by a number of things, including something as simple as not ventilating a room properly. It’s quite normal to have a little condensation or mould in your home in the winter months, but if it becomes a problem we’ll do what we can to help you solve it.

Take our quiz below to check what’s causing your mould before you contact us.

Do you dry clothes in your home?

  • A - Never
  • B - Sometimes
  • C - Always

Do you open windows or turn on an extractor fan during/after cooking and bathing?

  • A - Always
  • B - Sometimes
  • C - Never

Do you keep windows open during the day and at night?

  • A - Always
  • B - Sometimes
  • C - Never

Do you heat all the rooms in your home?

  • A - All of them
  • B - Some of them
  • C - None of them

At what time of year do you experience mould?

  • A - All year round
  • B - Only on very cold days
  • C - From October to April

Mostly As = Damp

If you got mostly As, you're doing all the right things, so it's more likely to be a damp issue, rather than a problem with condensation. You could have a problem with water getting into your home due to an external repair that's needed, from an internal leak or rising damp. Rising damp doesn’t cause mould to grow – instead, you’ll see a tide mark travelling up your wall.

If you believe it's a damp issue rather than condensation, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can investigate the cause.

Mostly Bs and Cs = Condensation

If you got mainly Bs and Cs, it sounds like you have too much moisture in your home, which is causing condensation to form. There are some simple steps you can take to reduce the moisture in your home, please watch our short video for more information.