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As an Early Adopter the Community Housing Group will be working with the National Housing Federation to shape the new approach to strengthen the landlord/tenant relationship.

Along with other housing providers, our staff and residents will be working together to explore how we adopt and embed the new plan and charter, and how the Customer Voice and Assurance Group will oversee our performance against the new guidelines.

Regular updates on how Together with Tenants is progressing will be available here, along with links to information published by the National Housing Federation.

January 2020

Since October, along with other Early Adopters we have been developing and consulting on our approach to delivering the key messages outlined in the National Housing Federations Tenants Charter. Although the majority of our service users are tenants, we also provide services to other customers. To reflect this we have developed a 'Customer Promise' and we have put together a summary of how we have shaped our Customer Promise and what our next steps will be.

Progress Made

October 2019

The National Housing Federation has published an update on the work that has taken place with residents and Housing Associations over the summer months. We have put together a summary of what we have been doing to support the Early Adopters programme and what our next steps will be.

Progress Made

July 2019

In July following extensive consultation with housing providers and residents the National Housing Federation published a revised 4 point Plan. The Plan includes a new Tenants Charter, and is the first step towards building a stronger relationship between tenants, residents and housing associations.

View the plan.