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Be Heard

We Listen

You will notice that there is a 'contact us' pop up tab on every page of our website. This is to make it easy for you to get in touch if you want to. Its quick and easy and we will always get back to you with a response.

We carry out regular surveys to help us find out what customers think about the services we provide. That's why when you receive a service from us, we will ask you to provide feedback on how you feel we have provided that service. We will ask about the customer service, timeliness and communication and other questions that help us to improve.

Complaints Compliments and Comments

Tell us when we deliver excellent customer service or exceed your expectations. We all like to hear when we have made a positive difference and we always feed comments back to staff and teams.

Complaints are a way of providing feedback on our services. We don't always get things right and we always use the learning from complaints to consider if we need to do things differently, we have an easy to follow complaints procedure.

Involving you

In 2019 we started a review of our service standards. We wanted a set of easy to understand performance measures that were meaningful to customers.

It was important to involve customers in these decisions. So, we recently invited over 2000 customers to provide feedback on what performance information they were interested in and wanted to hear about. As a result, we are shaping the new standards around repairs, complaints, anti-social behaviour, our contact centre and neighbourhoods.

As a result of customer feedback and in consultation with the Customer Voice and Assurance Group we have reviewed our repairs service and reduced our completion time for routine repairs from 14 days to 7 days.

Survey of Tenants and Residents (STAR)

We recently carried out the STAR. This is a survey that an external research company carry out for us every 2 years. It is a perception survey which means that it allows us to gather information about what our customer think about the services we provide, whether they have accessed a service or not.

Over 1000 customers were contacted to take part and we had a really good response rate, so thank you to everyone who responded.

Below are our results which show how we are performing against the benchmark set by Housemark, who work with social housing providers to record and measure performance across the housing sector.

Where we are not meeting the benchmark we will be working with the Customer Voice and Assurance Group to agree what actions are required to improve our performance and increase satisfaction.

We will keep you updated and provide details of opportunities to enable you to get involved.

Question Result Benchmark
Satisfaction overall 84% 86%
Quality of home 80% 85%
Safety and security of home 85% New survey question
Value for money (rent) 82% 85%
Easy to deal with 84% New survey question
Deal with enquiries first time 74% New survey question
Opportunities to make views known 71% 74%
Listens to views and acts on them 70% 70%
Satisfaction with last completed repair 79% 85%