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Facebook Neighbourhood Groups

Before Covid-19, our Housing Officers and Neighbourhood Wardens used to carry out regular neighbourhood inspections (also known as estate walkabouts) and invite local residents along to join them in identifying issues and suggesting areas of concern.

During lockdown, we decided to carry on with these inspections but in order to maintain social distancing and comply with government guidelines, we are now undertaking this without residents.

We still want to make it easy for residents to get involved so we’ve set up Facebook groups for each neighbourhood to allow people who live in those areas to tell us about any issues and enable our Housing Team to share what’s been found and how things are being resolved.

How do the Facebook groups work?

We’ll let you know the date of the next inspection and ask you to post any areas of concern or issues you think need tackling.

The inspections then take place with just the Housing Officer and Neighbourhood Warden who take photos of what they have found and then post details of what they are going to do to address things.

All posts are checked before they go on to the page so that we can keep it relevant to the neighbourhood and we ask that personal issues, such as home repairs, are reported in the usual ways.

How do you join?

Visit your neighbourhood group from the list below:

Habberley The Walshes Broadwaters Wribbenhall Rifle Range Horsefair Comberton Foley Park Cookley Spennells & Aggborough Hurcott Blakedown Offmore