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Review our Services

We are a customer focused organisation, so we want to put you at the heart of everything we do and involve you in decision making at every level.

Review and scrutinise our services

Our Customer Voice & Assurance Group is made up entirely of tenants, leaseholders, shared owners and wider service users.

The role of the group is to make sure that customers help to make continuous improvements to services and have a say in making decisions that affect them.

The group provides a strong link between customers, Boards and the Executive Team by regularly reviewing and scrutinising our services and the way we engage with customers. This way, customers will have a significant role in monitoring a wide range of services and ensure that customers’ views and opinions are heard.

Who can become a member of the Customer Voice and Assurance Group?

The Group is made up of 7 members and 2 co-optees who are recruited through a formal interview process. A member may serve a maximum of 2 terms of 3 years (6 years in total).

You must be a customer of The Community Housing Group through a contractual relationship with the Company (such as a tenancy or lease), are aged 18 and over and are not a member of the Board of Directors or an employee.

What support will be given to members of the group?

Members will be given full training about their role, responsibilities and how to scrutinise services. We will build capacity and support customers to successfully participate in customer involvement and scrutiny.

Find out more about the Customer Voice and Assurance Group.

For further information contact Gill Mooney, Governance and Regulation Manger. Email or phone 01562 733037.