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Value for Money

We are committed to delivering excellent value for money services (VFM) that are of the highest quality and reflect the needs and priorities of customers and the wider communities.

Our Approach

Our whole organisation is focused on delivering value for money for customers and the tax payers, through LEAN processes and continuous improvement. We aim to drive down costs, improve services, maximise the use and return on our assets and drive up customer satisfaction.

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Executive Summary

In this section, we demonstrate how we have met our four value for money goals – deliver cost effective services, maximise the use and return on assets, satisfied customers and social and environmental gains.

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Our Self-assessment

Our full self-assessment document and key achievements in infographic form can be viewed or downloaded in pdf format.

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Track our progress

We monitor key performance indicators on a quarterly basis to ensure that we are meeting our value for money goals and performance targets.

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Case Studies

This section contains examples of how we are meeting our value for money goals through projects, strategies and service improvements across the group.

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How we use our resources

Our financial statements demonstrate how we use our resources to deliver our business plan and achieve value for money.

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