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Corporate Information

Our Vision

The Community Housing Group and all its subsidiaries share one vision

"Improving Lives"

Our Mission

The vision is delivered through the following shared mission

'We will improve lives by supporting individuals, families and communities to achieve their potential and working together to deliver sustainable homes, services and communities'.

Our Values

We are a values led social business and the values listed below are the guiding principles for our work

  • Our tenants, customers and communities are at the heart of everything we do
  • Our tenants, staff and partners are our strength
  • Our business is fair, responsible, ethical and sustainable
  • We are a learning organisation
  • We will help our staff, customers and communities to achieve their potential by building on their strengths
  • We strive to get things right first time, every time
  • We will create employment and prosperity in the communities we work in
  • We will generate income to invest in homes, services and communities
  • We will provide value for money and added value in everything we do
  • We will enable individuals and families to be independent, achieve their aspirations and a good quality of life
  • We will manage risk, change and growth effectively
  • We will help individuals, families and communities to improve their health and wellbeing

We are proud to be an open and transparent organisation and have a comprehensive library of policies, procedures, strategies, business plans and financial information in the "Our Published Documents" of this website.

You can view our policies, procedures, governance and service information in Our Published Documents section.

You can find a full list of our policies on the Our Published Documents area of the website.

They include policies such as:

  • Customer care
  • Customer feedback & complaints
  • Data protection & access to information
  • Health & Safety
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Allocations
  • Housing and neighbourhood management

We are fully committed to incorporating the twin key principles of equality of opportunity and respect for diversity throughout its business. The Group is committed to ensuring that no individual or group is discriminated against.

We aim to:

  1. Promote equality of opportunity and respect for diversity, and
  2. Identify and eliminate unlawful discrimination

across all of our business activities, including those occasions where we interact with our customers, partners, contractors, other agencies and the public, as well as with future customers and applicants for our services.

View our Equality and Diversity Policy (PDF opens in new window)

We are committed to involve residents in shaping the services we provide to them and influence our current and future service delivery by scrutinising performance and identifying areas for improvement.

We have a menu of involvement to enable participation at all levels including:

  • Tenant Forums and Panels – which range from commenting on our publications and communications, through to working in partnership with our boards to develop and renew policy and strategy and scrutinise service delivery
  • Neighbourhood Voices – enabling involvement in the decisions made at a local level by completing surveys, taking part in focus groups or helping to monitor the condition of communal areas
  • Neighbourhood Groups – these groups have representatives from the Group’s housing team, local Police, Councillors and residents and meet every quarter to discuss neighbourhood issues and put forward ideas for local improvement projects
  • Customer Inspectors – individuals who work in partnership with our Scrutiny Panel to review services
  • Tenant Scrutiny - independent of other Tenant Groups and Committees, the Panels role is to monitor performance, identify good practice, as well as areas that need further investigation where agreed standards and targets are not being achieved.

You can find full details of our Resident Involvement Framework in the "Get Involved" area of our website.

We continually survey customers through a variety of formats and use their feedback to shape and amend the policies and procedures of the Group. Since 2013, we have used an external organisation to carry out customer surveys on our behalf and are pleased to note a willingness of customers to engage in the review process.

Our Group strategic priorities are:

  • Deliver homes and services customers want and need
  • Support individuals, families and communities to achieve their potential
  • Ensure the strength, stability and sustainability of our business
  • Grow and diversify our business
  • Deliver Value for Money

Each subsidiary of the Group sets out how it will achieve the strategic priorities in their business plan.

Regulated organisations such as ours are required to have a policy to explain to employees who they can contact to raise serious concerns which they don’t believe have been dealt with (after they have used the internal processes or their concerns are such that they cannot go to any of the internal points of contact)

Our Whistleblowing policy which is included in the Group’s Employee Handbook, contains details of who employees can contact and where they can get independent advice.

We also display the process on noticeboards across the organisation.


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